I'm Kaoru.

Hello nice to meet you! My name is Kaoru.
Thank you so much for visiting to my blog.

I'm a Freelance writer and translator (Eng-Jp) and have a experience of Sales .
I was Born in Oita prefecture, and now live in Tokyo.
What I like is dancing, traveling and communicating with interesting people.

I want to tell about myself,
So I'd like to introduce my history below.

1992~ : From early childhood to junior high school students

· Diversity in daily life

When I was young I grew up in a family where people from various countries accepts.They are from Korea, Singapore, Russia, Canada, India, Hong Kong and other countries. I got friends together, got along well, I was interested in various countries from that time, I liked seeing the world map and watching the flags. So, when I was in elementary school 6th grade, I went to Korea for 2 weeks with an international exchange program.

· Addicted to Shogi (Japanese chess).

It was Oita 's Grandpa who told me "Shogi" for the first time, but he was too strong for me. When I lost, I turned over the board because I got angry.lol
Still cute shogi interesting, I wanted to do more and I was playing Shogi every weekend with other players at a local residence center since about 2nd grade elementary school students. Because other players are also strong, they beat me up, but I was fascinated Shogi more and more.Every Friday, I go there and played Shogi.
At that time, my future dream was "to become a professional shogi player and spread shogi to the world".

· One month in USA

I entered junior high school and went to the US for a summer vacation with a homestay program for one month.
I went with almost no skills of English, but I got along well with my family and my friends, and I had a lot of fun there.
Before I went there, senior student gave me helpful advice "Your Unique Performance will help you in USA".
but I don't know what can I do, so I did everything I could do.
One day, a group of relatives of my host family gathered as many as 40 people, and at that time I was completely homesick.
But I tried a yoga-pose that took advantage of the flexibility of my body and I did jump rope (Hayabusa ...) .
I was told that I could completely enter into the circle of my relatives with my Unique performances.
I learned, I can live in foreign countries if I could not speak perfectly.

Became President of junior high school Students

When I was a junior high school student, I became president of the student council. This was what I wanted to do.
I wanted to change outdated school regulations (wearing a school cap, prohibiting wearing a muffler).
Also, I thought that volunteer activities that I did every year by inertia could be made more interesting.
Of course, I was thinking it is a chance to stand the top of 1000 people.lol

However, the stress was the speech of the whole morning meeting. I had to do it once a month.
It was pressure to speak in front of 1,000 people.
However, I was thinking "I want to talk in my own words", I remembered what to talk about and spoke without looking at any paper.
However, in those days, I was also concerned about people's eyes, and I was depressed every day as a classmate's joke.

Although I was a junior high school student who was doing his best trying, I was not confident all the time.
Besides, I thought "I must be a model for everyone," I could not get myself straightforward.

2008 - 2012: Tokyo Metropolitan International High School

Unlike junior high school, it was a very free high school.
Students also had returnees and foreigners in Tokyo and had a wide variety of backgrounds.
Every one person has strong personality and also fights, but I respected each other. It was truly fun.

Started dancing

I got into the dance club.
I was thinking I will enter some sports clubs, but when I was invited by my friend and went to the dance club , I felt "dancing is so much fun!"
The atmosphere of club activities was also good.
I wanted to challenge to perform in front of many people. At first it was extremely tough for me, but I am addicted to dance.

·Speech contest

There was a foreign language speech contest at school events. I like this event quite a lot and I participated every year.
1st year in Korean: "I ate a dog"
2nd year in German: "German tongue twister words"
3rd year in English: "About ideal education"

The theme and the language are free.
I was delighted to be able to freely express what I wanted to do and what I wanted to say.
The reason I started to dance and public speech was that I wanted to express myself and say my opinion confidently.

·Exchange Study in Germany

When I was a freshman, I studied in Germany for about a year.
There are three reasons why I decided to go to Germany instead of English speaking destination,

1) I can study English at any time, I wanted to acquire other language.
2) At that time, I was interested in environmental problems and wanted to go to the country advanced to that field.
3) I felt that Germany's atmosphere and way of thinking passes me.

I went and I liked Germany very much. There are two words left in the impression.
The words "Chillin" and "Selbstwebusstsein".

"Chillin" is something like Chill in English, like a nuance "Let's spend a leisurely day out!"
Although it is a word used in a casual conversation, it was so impressive for me.
When I was in Japan, I was living with a busy rhythm as a high school student, so I felt relieved that "I need more time to relax."
I noticed it was too busy that I wanted to keep something important as a human being.

"Selbstbewusstsein" would be "confident" if translated into English,
Selbst = myself,
Bewusst = to know.
When I heard it I realized, "confident is to know about myself!".

2012 ~ 2016: Rikkyo University International Management Department

・English ability is also trained in reading class textbooks like thick phone book

I want to go abroad and want to work in the future.
But I wanted to go to undergraduate where I could study business with a foreign language.
In that way, I thought that I can gain professionalism with English ability.
So I picked up a department that can study business in English and entered, but the subject of the lesson was quite hard and I was trained very hard.

· What I felt in an international business class.


I took the same classes with exchange students who came to Japan from abroad.
I felt a very different impression whether you say your opinion or not in group discussion in Japan and overseas.
Of course it depend on students.
However, just by deciding which topics to talk about, the difference in attitude will appear virtually.
Exchange student ask to group members "Why do not we discuss No.3 because ~".
On the other hand, Japanese student tend to leave things to the atmosphere.

It is not a difference in smartness or English ability, simply a difference in attitudes.
They have been educated they should state their own opinions when discussing in groups, .
I do not mean to say "Education in Japan is useless".
However, I wanted to be able to communicate my opinion in "my words" not to regret that "I should have told you at the time" .

· I stayed at a guest house with a single trip.


I traveled alone in Kyushu at the end of my university days.
At that time I stayed at "Guest House" for the first time.
It was cheap, and it was also possible to communicate with other guests.
For me this space was extremely comfortable.
Talk with people who came to Japan with travel and backpackers, listen to the story, go to stalls and small diners together and drink and talk with local people, travel companions can be made and sightseeing together. Anyway I like this space so much.

This is the history of my life.
thank you for reading!